Police Standing By Muslim Officer Who Refused To Shake Hands

Swedish Police announced that they support a Muslim male officer who refuses to shake women’s hands because they “embrace diversity.” The Muslim male, who has not been named, was recently hired by Swedish police to work as a passport control officer in Skåne. Only weeks after  beginning his new job the man started conflicts by refusing to shake hands with his female colleagues. The conflict, according to the Muslim officer, comes from his religious duty as a Muslim not to touch women who are not related to him. The Swedish police issued a statement on the matter saying that they sided not with the female officers, but rather with the Muslim man because in their words, “we in the police will embrace diversity,” SVT reports.  One of the female police officers who worked with the man told Swedish media, “he did not shake my hand when we would visit. I do not speak about it, because I have decided to submit the case to management.” According to the female officer the man would greet her with a hand on his heart, akin to a Roman-style salute. The Muslim countered the claim of the female officer saying that he was the victim