Policeman Dies After Shootout With Robbery Migrant

This picture taken in Vienna on September 6, 2012 shows a sign of the Polizei, Austria's Police department.
An Austrian policeman has died days after a shootout between Bosnian migrants and Vienna police during an armed robbery gone wrong. Twenty-three-year-old Vienna police officer Daniel S. died Tuesday evening after succumbing to wounds inflicted by a Bosnian migrant gunman in a massive firefight that occurred on the weekend. The man behind the attack, a 49-year-old Bosnian named Blazenko K., shot the officer in the head on Saturday during the attempted armed robbery of a Billa supermarket in the Austrian capital. Vienna police say that the migrant, who did not act lone, shot another police officer in the abdomen and thigh during the shootout, reports Austrian broadcaster OE24. Police said that the shootout came after they were alerted to the robbery on Saturday after an employee of the supermarket was able to activate the alarm without the knowledge of the robbers. Daniel S. was one of the police officers to initially answer the call and went to confront the criminals who had tied up most of the staff with zip ties. Daniel S. and another officer attempted to enter the building via the backdoor. When they identified themselves as police the Bosnian national opened fire on them and shot Daniel S. in the