President Trump Calling out of Russia the Furthest Thing from Appeasement

Last week President Donald Trump’s address to the Polish people was a powerful speech on many different levels, with Trump’s embrace of Western principles and faith.  But while the mainstream media was focused on creating controversy on the speech, they of course gave limited to no coverage of one of the more startling aspects of the speech: Trump’s calling out of Russia from Polish soil. Imagine the President of the United States speaking in a country invaded and occupied by Russia and which is now a full dues-paying member of NATO while criticizing Russian actions in Ukraine and Syria, reaffirming his commitment to the Article 5 mutual defense clause of NATO and applauding Poland for acquiring the Patriot missile defense system. It becomes even more amazing when we remember that President Obama in 2009 undid the deal in which both Poland and the Czech Republic planned to acquire the Patriot missile defense system. Why? Obama wanted to “reset” the relationship with Putin and Russia. It was the beginning of the Democrats’ appeasement of Putin; it began with Hillary’s reset button and Obama’s “we’ll have more freedom after the elections” but culminated in Hillary’s approval of the sale of 20% of our uranium supply to Russia, helping