Priebus on Russia: Trump ‘Not Interested in Going to War’ — Wants to Have ‘Relationships’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” while discussing the sanctions President Barack Obama announced today against Russia, incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said while he can not yet comment on President-elect Donald Trump plans to address Russia once in office he did say Trump is “not interested in going to war.” Instead he said that Trump was interested in “having relationships.” Priebus said,”I’m not sure what they know, Eric. I mean, they may be privy to information that we don’t know. But I also know that, you know, we’re not interested in going to war all over the world, either. An so, I think having relationships, building relationships, making things better for Americans is something that President-Elect Trump believes in. Look, you know, we have a long history with Russia. Ronald Reagan used his relationship with Miguel Gorbachev I think to the great benefit of Americans across the country. Ending the Cold War, bringing down the wall in Berlin and achieving an incredible amount of success by using relationships in order to get things done. And so I think that’s something we are going to try to do. It’s something that President-Elect Trump believes in.