Pub Landlord Slammed as ‘Hitler’s Successor’ for Asking Woman to Remove Niqab

A German pub landlord received a slew of abuse online slamming him as “Hitler’s successor” and a “racist” after refusing to serve a woman while she was wearing a full Islamic face veil. Christian Schulz, landlord of the Seekrug pub in the west German town of Bielefeld, told local media that he initially asked woman to remove her niqab, which leaves only a small opening for the eyes. The woman refused, becoming abusive and shouting angrily at him, so he asked her to leave the premises. The incident happened on Saturday night, when hundreds people were gathered in the pub to celebrate the Festival of 1000 Lights. “She was dressed entirely in black and completely covered up. You could only see her eyes,” Mr Schulz told Westfalen Blatt newspaper. “I know that many of our customers get a queasy feeling around fully veiled women.” When he asked her to remove the veil, she replied: “You must have a textile allergy. I’ll keep the veil on. My faith requires it.” He then asked her to leave, and his wife exchanged a few words with the woman, who left cursing. “From her language I’d say she was a German,” he said. He