Punish Americans for Their Heritage, but Reward ‘Dreamers’: How DACA Outrage Exposes the Left

By now it is crystal clear: the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was simply a way for President Obama to force his successor to make an unpopular decision. For all the pejorative “populist” talk about President Trump, his predecessor could not countenance something he regarded as unpopular, especially to his base, and a potential future base of the Democrat Party. The Obama doctrine across many aspects of his presidency was simply to kick the can down the road. That’s why within months we have heard of Trumpism, even Bannonism, but rarely did the world ever contemplate what ‘Obamaism’ was. The man was just another in a long line of tepid presidents since Ronald Reagan. But kicking the can down the road on DACA was in the policy’s very name. Deferred. Not cancelled. Postponed. Not abolished. Even so, the conditions under which DACA beneficiaries were allowed to remain the country were scarcely heinous on either side, if you set aside the rule of law, forget that these sorts of policies impact different states differently, and of course want to persuade the world that your legal immigration system is obviously the worst route through which to pursue U.S. residency. Besides all that, the