Remain: When ‘Kinder, Gentler Politics’ Really Means ‘Dirtier, Uglier’

“This will play well for us,” said a Labour pro-Remain figure on Saturday responding to the murder of pro-Remain Labour MP Jo Cox. Will Straw, director of the Remain campaign, has been caught red-handed advising his team how to exploit Cox’s death by playing up the message that Leave represent “division and resentment” while only Remain represents “decent, tolerant Britain.” This is what the left means by “dog-whistle” politics. Only this time, it’s the left which is blowing that whistle. Here, as Guido reports, is what Will Straw said in a highly embarrassing leaked audio file. “We need to recognise that people have been pulled up short by Jo Cox’s death and it is now time to make a very positive case for why we want to be in the European Union… to call out the other side for what they have done to stir division and resentment in the UK. That is something we must all do… This is what we think is the closing argument of the campaign, reflecting all the arguments that we have been setting out for many months but also the new context that we’re in. What we want to say is people should vote Remain