‘Remarkable’ 10-Point Lead For Brexit In Shock New Poll

The Brexit campaign to lead Britain out of the European Union (EU) has opened up a 10-point lead over Remain campaigners, a “remarkable” new poll has revealed. The ORB International poll – which has deviated from the criticised “random digit dial” methodology and used 2,000 online respondents instead – shows a 55-point turnout for Leave, with 45 per cent support for Remain. Of all respondents, 53 per cent said they’d vote to Leave, with just 46 per cent opting to stay. But when eliminating those who have said they won’t, or are unlikely to vote, the margin changes to 55 against 45 points. Older and working class voters are more likely to vote to leave, according to the ORB poll for the Independent. Stunningly, only Scotland would have a majority for Remain (62 against 38) with even London opting to Leave the EU (51 against 49). When adjusted for turnout in London, “only 44 per cent back staying in the EU and 56 per cent favour voting to leave”. A majority of private sector employees would choose to Leave, with a majority of public sector workers aiming to stay. Nearly half of Labour’s voters (42 per cent) say they’ll vote