Report: Orlando Jihadi Threatened to Shoot Classmate at Cookout over Pork Meat

AP Photo
Omar Mateen, the jihadi responsible for the massacre of 49 people at the gay club Pulse in Orlando on Sunday morning, once threatened to shoot everyone at a cookout because he believed his hamburger had touched pork meat. This anecdote is one of several revealed in a Wall Street Journal profile citing classmates of Mateen’s at Indian River Community College, where he was working toward corrections officer training in the hopes of becoming a police officer. After multiple threats and seemingly routine complaints that his classmates discriminated against him for being Muslim – despite no evidence supporting this, according to classmates – he was finally removed. One classmate noted that he did, in fact, know Mateen was Muslim, because he recalled Mateen mentioning that he did not eat pork at a classmate cookout. Another classmate, Susanne Coburn Laforest, noted that he did not just mention it in passing – he “flipped out” and told everyone at the cookout “he was going to come back and shoot us” because he thought pork meat had touched some of his food. The Wall Street Journal notes that the aspiring police officer had his car raided, possibly for bringing a firearm to campus. He had also repeatedly made