REVEALED: Arrests Reported From ‘Far Right’ Protest Were Actually HARD LEFT Counter-Protesters

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Breitbart London can reveal that the arrests made by police at a “far right” protest in Brighton, United Kingdom this weekend were actually those on the hard-left, or what the police call “anti-fascist” side of the day’s clashes. News outlets such as the BBC and ITV, as well as local radio and newspapers all reported the arrests as if they were part of the hard right demonstration. The BBC’s headline read: “Arrests at Brighton anti-immigration demo” and ITV’s coverage said: “Twelve people have been arrested in Brighton in connection with an anti-immigration demonstration in the city”. But Breitbart London has learned from Sussex Police that in fact the 14 arrests in total made on Saturday were part of a pro-immigration group on suspicion of violent disorder. Police had received reports of assault and criminal damage “involving a large group of masked men in Brighton”, and arrests were made from the group of 400 pro-open borders demonstrators. The BBC reported: “Anti-fascists also confronted a group attending a Great Skinhead Reunion” and overtly implied that the arrests were made on the “far right” side. The BBC’s correspondent on the ground failed to identify the nature of the arrests in his live coverage, and