Revealed: Cameron Promised To ‘Pave The Road From Ankara To Brussels’

Prime Minister David Cameron has been accused of “appeasement” towards Turkey after footage emerged of him promising to “pave the road from Ankara to Brussels”. Mr Cameron has insisted during the European Union (EU) referendum campaign that it will be “literally decades” before Turkey can join the bloc as fears grow over mass immigration. Breitbart London also reported yesterday on speculation the Prime Minister may even announce a referendum on Turkish membership of the EU just days before the Brexit vote in order to take the initiative from Leave. However, Vote Leave, the officially designated Brexit campaign, have now unearthed footage of a string of statements made by Mr Cameron in which he said he was “angry” at the lack of progress in getting Turkey to join the EU and said he would “fight” for it to happen. As far back as 2005, just after he had become leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron said: “We warmly welcome the accession talks with Turkey and Croatia,” complaining that progress had been “desperately slow”. The following year, he said: “We support enlargement of the EU so we welcome the accession talks with Turkey.” He then reaffirmed his backing after becoming Prime