RIOT: 60 Freed From Cells As Islamist-Heavy Prison Set Ablaze By Inmates

A prison which plays host to a number of Islamist radicals – including the brother of the Toulouse 2012 attack perpetrator Muhammed Merah – has been set ablaze with a dozen injured as prisoners staged a riot after stealing the keys from a prison guard and taking over the complex. A large scale mutiny which saw 60 prisoners released from their cells broke out Monday afternoon at the Vivonne-Poitiers prison located in the French town of Vienne near Poitier. Le Figaro reports “five members of the security forces and six detainees were hospitalized, one inmate suffered a heart attack”. According to local reports the inmates were able to take over the building after stealing the keys of one of the prison guards. While prosecutors in Poitiers have claimed that there have so far been no reports of hostages there has been ample evidence via social media that the prison itself has been set on fire. Le feu reprend et la situation à l intérieure n est pas sous contrôle la mutinerie se poursuit à Vivonne #prison — France Bleu Poitou (@Bleu_Poitou) September 12, 2016 Local radio station France Blue Poiteu have posted several pictures of the smoke billowing from the building, and several videos via