SAD!…Desperate NeverTrumpers Try to Get Trump Removed from the Ticket

Trump Nah  AP
Marginalized former Republican elected officials are still trying to stop Donald Trump just as Trump is picking up newfound momentum. Exploiting a several-week rough patch for Trump that mostly centered around his initial non-endorsement of Paul Ryan, some aging political relics tried to hurtle themselves back into mainstream relevance. News networks reported on a letter signed by “70 Republicans” calling for Reince Priebus to stop RNC funding for the Republican nominee. But letter organizer Andrew Weinstein told Breitbart News that his group did not even attempt to reach out to currently-serving Republican members of Congress, noting that it would be more difficult for them to buck the party’s nominee. On Friday, Breitbart News obtained an “An Open Letter To Morton Blackwell” written by Beau Correll, a Ted Cruz delegate in Virginia who took part in the failed anti-Trump “Free the Delegates” movement in Virginia with political casualty Ken Cuccinelli. Correll’s letter to Blackwell, a Cruz supporter who decided to stop making waves once Trump became the clear nominee, reeks of desperation. It is presented in its entirety below: Dear Morton, Thank you for this message.  I am seeing many voter registration efforts by Democrats in my part of the state