Sanders: Brexit’s Message Could Draw Trump Support In The USA

AFP — The same popular frustration that saw a majority of Britons vote to abandon the EU could send droves of disgruntled Americans into the arms of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders warned on Wednesday. In an opinion piece appearing in the New York Times, Sanders wrote that legions of American voters, alienated by the forces of globalization, are ripe for the message of political retrenchment and economic protectionism espoused by Trump. “Could this rejection of the current form of the global economy happen in the United States? You bet it could,” wrote Sanders, runner-up to Hillary Clinton for the Democrats’ presidential nomination, who will be formally crowned the party’s nominee next month. “The notion that Donald Trump could benefit from the same forces that gave the ‘Leave’ proponents a majority in Britain should sound an alarm for the Democratic Party in the United States,” Sanders wrote. “Millions of American voters, like the ‘Leave’ supporters, are understandably angry and frustrated by the economic forces that are destroying the middle class,” he continued. “In this pivotal moment, the Democratic Party and a new Democratic president need to make clear that we stand with those who are struggling and who have been left