School Kids Forced To ‘Play’ Migrants To ‘Better Understand’ Them

In the name of integration a class of German children were put on an island and forced to role play at being “asylum seekers” with the intention of having them “better understand” migrants. On the island of Kaninchenwerder just outside the German city of Schwerin local students were told to become “asylum seekers”. “Refugee for the day” is a project designed to get high-school aged children to experience what the Network Working for Refugees (NAF) believes is the plight of migrants in Germany and elsewhere, reports German paper Die Welt. The children encounter stern-faced border control officers and are made to feel powerless – which aims to give the children a pro-migrant view. This is the sixth time the NAF has put on the role play event working with Refugee Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.  Each time the island has been used as a pretend country called the “Republic of Kaninchenwerder” set in the middle of Lake Schwerin with around 100 local children participating. The students are all given fictional names and identities during the simulation, like 16-year-old Gord who plays a boy named Javad Ahmadnejad, a supposed opponent of the Iranian Islamic regime. The high school student said he wasn’t enjoying himself and would find it more