Schoolgirl Murdered By Latvian Migrant Was Opposed to ‘Racist’ Immigration Limits

foreign criminals
A 14-year-old schoolgirl murdered by a Latvian convicted killer wrote a pro-European Union (EU) essay arguing that barring foreign criminals from entering the country was “racist” just four months before her death, it has emerged. Her parents, who support the free movement of people, have released the essay as they oppose their daughter’s murder being used to highlight the dangers of unregulated immigration. Alice Gross was walking along a tow-path by the River Brent in west London on August 28 2014 when she was spotted by Arnis Zalkalns, a 41 year old Latvian. Three hours later Zalkalns was picked up by CCTV calmly buying a can of beer in a local shop. In the intervening hours, Zalkalns had crushed Alice to death by apparently lying on top of her during an attempted sex attack, hiding her body in the river. Zalkalns, who had served seven years for battering his wife to death in his native country, hanged himself days after Alice’s body was found. But questions were raised over why he had been allowed into the country in the first place, and how his conviction had been missed even after he was questioned about an earlier sexual assault on a girl