Shock Stats: 1.6 Million New UK Voters Registered in Past 30 Days

Leave campaigners are concerned that a massive tax payer-funded push to register more than one million young people to vote will drastically alter the country’s European Union (EU) referendum result. Government statistics reveal that in the past month alone, over 1.6 million people have registered to vote in the UK referendum on EU membership, with 900,000 of these registrations coming from those aged under 34 years. Traditionally, younger voters are more inclined to vote to Remain in the European Union than leave. Recent YouGov polling reveals that those under the age of 24 are likely to vote ‘Remain’ by 64 per cent to 18 per cent, with 5 per cent saying they would not vote, and 13 per cent remaining undecided. Of the age group 25-49, Remain has the backing of 44 per cent of voters, with just 35 per cent saying they’d vote to leave (six per cent would not vote, and 14 per cent are undecided). The British government has undertaken a massive voter registration campaign, as has the Labour Party and a number of left-wing, pro-EU outfits such as the BBC, Facebook, local councils, Bite the Ballot, 38 Degrees, the Green Party, and more. Just 3 days