Soros: ‘Brexit’ Vote Must Be Overturned Or the European Union Is ‘Doomed’

The Hungarian-American open borders advocate and billionaire George Soros has declared ‘Brexit’ could easily be overturned and that the European Union (EU) must then be “remade”, with power transferred from national governments to EU bodies. Speaking on a wide range of topics, the billionaire stated that popular “illiberal democracies” like Hungary must be remodeled, on “European values”. Mr Soros was appearing on a panel at the annual council meeting of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR). On the topic of Britain’s EU referendum, he claimed that the British public were “shocked” that voters chose ‘Brexit’ and stated those who voted to leave had “genuine buyer’s remorse”. He contended that many voters who opted for ‘Brexit’ did so as a protest vote, with the “conviction that Leave would not succeed”. Poll results suggest the claim that Leave voters have “buyer’s remorse”, which has been echoed across the international media on scant evidence, is false. In fact, so far surveys have reliably shown the opposite; More Remain voters are pleased with the result to leave the EU than ‘Brexit’ voters are unhappy. A poll for ComRes found that, of Remain voters, four per cent are happy with the referendum’s outcome while