Steyn on Trump Health: Media Want to Force Trump Into Eating Arugula, Jogging Because He Represents Other Side of the Cultural Divide

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” conservative commentator Mark Steyn dissected mainstream media questions about President Donald Trump’s health, in particular, his diet and use of a golf cart at some events. Steyn argued those questions were motivated by what he called Trump’s “cultural offensiveness” to those in the media because Trump was on the opposite side of the cultural divide. Partial transcript as follows: CARLSON: Is this, I mean, given everything that’s going on, is this a legitimate critique do you think of the Trump presidency that he has no visible apps and to higher percentage of body fat? STEYN: Well, I think it represents his cultural offensiveness to his opponents. You recall that at one point when he was on the stump in Iowa, I think it was, Barack Obama said to his audience, have you seen what the price of arugula is today. As you know Barack Obama — CARLSON: Did that really happen? Okay. STEYN: That did really happen. He was in that sense the first arugula and American to be elected president. And he had advised his people around him, if they wanted a burger that they should take the salad. Now, I