Stolen Valor: Wisconsin Man Has Been Posing as Marine for 22 Years

stolen valor
An investigation shows a Wisconsin man by the name of John Hemphill has been posing as a disabled Marine for years. Although his bank statements and bills read “Lieutenant John Hemphill,” he is not even a Marine, says Fox 6 after looking into it. Hemphill has told everyone, including his wife since 2013, that he is a 22-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps who lost his leg in Afghanistan. As part of his look, Hemphill has a prosthetic leg with a U.S. Marines T-shirt laminated onto it. He also has a left forearm tattoo with the words “Marine Corps.” His license plates are for veterans. Around his neck is a pair of dog tags. His wife, Sheila Hemphill, was so convinced of her husband’s service that she got an image of his dog tags tattooed on her right arm. “It says ‘Mrs. Lieutenant Jonathan Hemphill,’” she told Fox 6. “He sold us a sad story,” said Sheila’s daughter, Regina Davis. “He was in the Iraq war and he was helping a little kid and so they happened to walk across a bomb. And that’s what happened to his leg.” Everything changed when one of Jonathan’s family members came forward and told Sheila that he