Study: Migrants Hurt Long Term Economic Growth

China crash (Andy Wong / Associated Press)
A new study casts doubt on migrants propping up the economy, saying that they could heavily impact the economy in a negative manner. Enzo Weber from the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) in Nuremberg and his colleague Roland Weigand produced a new report on the long term economic effects of mass migration. According to the IAB report, without additional efforts from the German government and others in the European Union (EU) the long term impact of mass migration could be highly negative for the economies of Germany and Europe. They say that the real problem with migrants is a distinct lack of qualifications, or qualifications that don’t meet European standards, and the huge language barrier between migrants from places like the Middle East and North Africa, reports Die Welt. According to the pair of researchers, not only will long-term unemployment rise and total tax revenues fall in the long term but the medium term economic forecast could be just as dire, if not more so. They say that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which measures the total wealth created generally per year in a country, could decline not only overall, but also per capita. The researchers note that this effect could also lead to job