Support For EU Plummets Across Europe Thanks to Migrant Crisis

Support for the European Union (EU) is on the wane across Europe thanks principally to the migrant crisis, with the majority of Europeans wanting to see Brussels have less power, not more, according to a new poll. Britons will be given the chance to issue their verdict on the European institutions in just over two weeks’ time when they go to the polls on 23 June. But the ballot has lead to much speculation that a British vote to leave could be the trigger for the ultimate collapse of the European Union, prompting other countries to clamour for the exit door. New polling from the Pew Research Center suggests the prediction has good grounds for support, as it has revealed that the European Project of “ever closer union’” with the ultimate goal of creating a United States of Europe, has little support among the people of Europe. They asked 10,491 people from ten member states for their views of the EU between late April and early May, and found that in not a single one of those ten countries was there overall support for ever closer union. The people of Greece were most in favour of seeing powers returned to