Sweden: Asylum Seeker Chaos Accounts for Quarter of Police Resources

Police in Värmland have revealed up to 25 per cent of their time and resources are spent on asylum seekers, as the Swedish government yesterday announced a further two billion Swedish Krona for policing to 2020. Lars Serenander, Chief Superintendent of the district, estimates that about 15-25 per cent of police time is spent dealing with issues related to migrants seeking asylum. The notice was posted on the force’s website in response to questions in the media over how record numbers of migrants are affecting police work. While Serenander plays down the seriousness of incidents related to asylum seekers, other police officers describe the situation in Sweden as “social chaos”. Inspector Lisa Reventberg has reported a “mass exodus” of officers from the job under the force’s politically correct national police chief, while one recently resigned detective said the country’s “rule of law has completely broken down”. Serenander said there are a number of cases where police are called to intervene at migrant accommodation, often far away, and then find it difficult to understand what happened or assess whether it’s appropriate for officers to intervene. The district police chief stated that sometimes when officers arrive at migrant housing, responding to an