Sweden’s Anti-Mass Migration Movement: ‘We Will Be The Largest Party After The Election’

Mass Migration
The leader of the Sweden Democrats party has used a significant interview with his nation’s largest newspaper to set out his stall for the next general election, claiming his party will be the largest in parliament after the vote. Jimmie Åkesson’s Eurosceptic Sweden democrats are enjoying a historic surge of interest thanks to their long-espoused hard-line approach to mass migration during the migrant crisis. While they have held the top spot in Swedish opinion polls repeatedly over the past year the present mainstream narrative is that his party is now slipping two years short of the next general election. Speaking to AftonBladet today, Mr Åkesson has said his apparently eroded lead in the polls is down to a massive shift in what is often considered to be one of Europe’s most left-wing and pro mass migration nations to the right, thanks to his party. And despite the mainstream parties beginning to understand some of what he has been saying for years on border control and repatriation of foreigners, he still thinks his party is going to come out of the next election as the largest — a “30 per cent party”. Far from the party now growing tired half way through the parliament, Mr Åkesson