Swedish Agency: More Migrants Equals Greater Security Risks

The Swedish Migration Board has so far this year reported over 280 migrants to the Swedish domestic intelligence forces, warning the number is much higher than in previous years. According to the head of the migration board’s special initiatives, the situation in Sweden regarding dangerous and potentially dangerous migrants has increased greatly over the past year. Oskar Ekblad, who heads up the special division, stated that the number of reports relating to migrants with terrorist links, or who have been involved in organised crime and even war crimes have multiplied in the past few years, reports Sverige Radio. “We are seeing a nearly five-fold increase since 2014 in terms of cases reported to the Security Police,” Mr. Ekblad said, confirming that the migration board is constantly sifting through the waves of migrants in order to uncover any who may be connected with terror groups or committed war crimes. War crimes cases in particular have gone up from 20 cases in total for last year to 30 cases this year so far. The agency also looks at migrants who may have the potential to commit terror offences in the future. Mr. Ekblad noted that to screen all migrants for potential terrorist sympathies or criminality would be a massive task which would