Terrorists Can Buy EU Passports For €4,000

EU passports that allow holders to travel freely across the continent and easy access to the UK are being offered for sale on the black market, a Justice Minister has warned. Dominic Raab said the Britain must leave the European Union (EU) if it is to regain control of its borders and ensure security. His comments prompted fears that terrorists may be able to get hold of passports and travel across the EU’s open-borders zone. The Mail quotes Mr Raab as saying: “At the moment, we can’t bar anyone in possession of an EU passport or identity card unless they represent a ‘genuine, present and sufficiently serious threat’ to our security.” “Even if that high threshold is met, we have to disclose the reasons to the individual barred, even if that itself could endanger national security.” He added that he had seen evidence of a Cyprus-based estate agent journal advertising passports for sale. “This shows open, flagrant selling of EU passports,” he said. “Once people buy these EU passports and with it citizenship of an EU member state, they have the automatic right to come to the UK because of ‘free movement’. “Given this is already happening at scale, imagine