‘Th’ Sound Will Vanish from English Language Due to Multiculturalism, Linguists Say

By the middle of the century, the “th” sound will have vanished from the English spoken in London due to the high level of immigrants who cannot pronounce it, linguists have said. In a study that shows the impact immigration is having on the English language, academics at the University of York say that Estuary English, the dialect currently spoken in London and south east England, will gradually be replaced by a heavily migrant-influenced English. One of the first things to go will be the “th” sound, which will be replaced with “f”, “v” or “d”, so “mother” could become “muvver” and “think” will evolve into “fink”. The Telegraph reports that Multicultural London English, which is influenced by the capital’s Asian, African and Caribbean communities, will also soften some words so “cute” will be pronounced “coot” and “beauty” becomes “booty”. Also the letters “l” and “t” will be dropped from the ends of words, so “text” will be “tex” and the name “Paul” will be the same as “paw”. The changes may affect all sections of society all the way up to the Royal Family. By the time Prince George is on the throne, the “King’s English” will sound very