Thatcher-Era Grandee Quits Tories Over ‘Poisonous’ Remain Campaign

defence secretary
The man who served as Margaret Thatcher’s Defence Secretary during the Falklands War has quit the Conservative Party over Prime Minister David Cameron’s “tirade of fear” in the European Union (EU) referendum debate. Sir John Nott, who was Secretary of State for Defence from 1981 to 1983, said that Mr Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne had “poisoned the debate” with “frenetic” warning about potential catastrophe if Britain votes to quit the EU. He also said that claims of impending doom in the event of Brexit were “complete nonsense”, adding that he will now not renew his membership of the Conservative Party until there is a “change of leadership”. The Telegraph reports that Sir John also accused Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne of “alienating Conservatives” during the campaign, and in a rebuke to the Prime Minister he said that those who want to leave the EU are “not little Englanders or quitters”. “I was shocked when Cameron and, in particular Osborne, launched into to this fairly frenetic campaign in favour of the EU,” Sir John said. “I thought that when he called the referendum, probably we were going to have a sensible, if not an intellectual, debate about the pros and