The Climate Change Lobby Is Complicit In America’s Unpreparedness for Natural Disasters

Why does it seem like America is persistently under-prepared for the natural disasters we hear about every few years? For as many billions of dollars, nationally and internationally, that are ploughed into meteorology and its bastard love-child climate change, you’d think there would be a preparedness in every community, every household, and in every region at risk from floods, hurricanes, tornados, or ManBearPig. Either everyone’s really stupid and stubborn, or dollars are wasted, with people are being — as usual — cajoled into believing the big arm of government will be there to bail them out each time. I suspect the latter part of that equation is the most likely. HEARTS AND MINDS, NOT SANDBAGS AND INSURANCE For all of the climate change lobby’s bluster, very little of the billions spent seems to find its way into action-orientated solutions. If these events are — as most in that field would have you believe — caused by climate change, then that lobby is either grossly negligent or criminally complicit in its failure to keep people and property safe. “But the Republicans!” the left will squeal of thwarted legislative measures, pretending they are blissfully unaware that there are other routes to market