The Left’s Bloody War on Women: Sending Chicks into Combat Betrays Men, Women and Civilization

Hillary Clinton once said that women have always been the primary victims of war. That is appallingly stupid, of course, but the US government seems determined to make it a reality by putting women on the front lines of combat. Few feminist fads are quite as spectacularly wrongheaded, reality-denying, and downright barbaric as the insistence that women should be put in combat units. It’s worth considering why progressives, the supposed champions of women, are so eager to put them in harm’s way. (I say “barbaric,” but of course no barbarian worth his lion-skin would treat the womenfolk this way.) We don’t use the law to force NFL teams to field women players, but we do use the law to force squads of soldiers, sailors, and Marines to field women. Thus, we care more about quarterbacks being blitzed than we care about 18-year-old men being shot in Iraq. We all know what the progressives are up to. We know they hate and want to tear down the military, that they hate America’s presence in the world and see this as a new front in the war on men and the masculine. But let’s interrogate this ghastly development as though it were sincerely intended, just for the