The Times: Campaign To Leave Is More Honest, Say Voters

From The Times: The campaign to keep Britain in Europe has taken a narrow opinion poll lead, even though the public think activists for Leave have been marginally more honest and positive. A YouGov poll for The Times found a one-point lead for Remain, erasing the four-point lead for Leave in a poll conducted by the same company at the end of last week. The online poll put Remain on 43 per cent, Leave on 42 per cent, 11 per cent saying they did not know and 4 per cent saying they will not vote. An ICM poll released yesterday put the Leave campaign five points ahead, with Leave on 48 per cent, Remain on 43 per cent and 9 per cent saying they do not know… …Downing Street will be cheered to find that the public still rank keeping the free trade relationship with the rest of Europe higher than having full control over immigration, by a margin of 53 per cent to 47 per cent. However, Britain Stronger in Europe, which is filled with Downing Street staff, was less trusted than Vote Leave (although neither was much loved). Some 46 per cent of the public felt that the Remain