The World Queues Up To Win Trade Deals With Britain After Brexit

Trade Deals
From the Daily Mail:  Countries are lining up to enter trade talks with Britain in the wake of the decision to leave the European Union, it was claimed last night. American politicians are clamouring for an agreement, while talks could soon begin with Australia, South Korea and India. New Zealand has also offered up its top negotiators to help in the difficult task ahead. In the wake of Brexit, nations outside Europe are eyeing opportunities to increase trade with Britain for the first time in decades. The country will be free to negotiate its own deals after quitting the EU, and business secretary Sajid Javid – who campaigned for a Remain vote – is already preparing for a hectic schedule of visits to countries across the world. US House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan has called for the US to start negotiating a new free trade deal with Britain to ‘show solidarity’ and ensure a ‘smooth relationship’ post-Brexit. Mr Ryan, the former Republican vice-presidential candidate and one of the party’ s most senior politicians, said the UK was America’s ‘indispensable ally’ and needed to be helped after it parted ways with the EU. His comments on the issue are in stark contrast