Tony Blair Muscles In On Brexit Negotiations, Says Farage Should Keep Distance

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has called for a pro-Remain minister to be in charge of Britain’s Brexit negotiations, in an article that will be interpreted as an offer to play a leading role in those negotiations himself. Writing in the Telegraph, Mr Blair says that negotiating Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU) will require “serious statesmanship”, adding: “There is going to be a negotiation of extraordinary complexity where there are a thousand devils in every detailf.” He also questions whether it is “really sensible” to put a pro-Brexit minister in charge of withdrawal negotiations, calling instead for the minister in charge to have a “high level sense… of the things that might be compromised, the things that are red lines”. “The psychology of the other 27 countries is crucial to feel and shape,” the former Prime Minister adds. Although he insists there is “not an argument for another referendum”, he goes on to say that “Britain should keep all our options open”. “Actually the people do have a right to change their mind, but that is not for now,” he says. He also criticised UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s speech in the European Parliament after the Brexit vote, accusing