Tourist Stabbed in Back of Head While in NYC to Make Marriage Proposal

Connor Rasmussen, Jordan Asher-Facebook
A man randomly stabbed a tourist visiting New York City to make a marriage proposal in the back of the head with a knife, sources said. Connor Rasmussen, 23, was stabbed in the back of his head with a steak knife in midtown Manhattan at 1:45 a.m. Sunday while walking with three friends in search of a pizzeria, the New York Daily News reported. He removed the knife from the base of his neck and escaped without serious injury. It required eight stitches to close the two-inch gash. “Initially I didn’t know that I had gotten stabbed,” Rasmussen said. “I was so confused, I felt the handle of the knife and I pulled it out. I then checked for blood and immediately put pressure on it.” Rasmussen said his attacker was wearing dark-colored winter clothes and said nothing during the attack. Rasmussen was taken to Bellevue Hospital and was eventually released after a CAT scan showed no serious injury to his head. “He got stitches,”Rasmussen’s grandmother Linda Colon, 71, said. “It was a two-inch gash. If it would have been two inches or an inch on either side, from what the doctors said, it would have killed him.” The victim’s