Transgender Person Stabbed By Alleged ‘Islamic State’ Supporters In Belgium

Belgian police officers stand guard in a street in Etterbeek, Brussels, as part of the investigation into the November 13 Paris attacks in which 130 died and the March 22 attacks which left 32 dead in Brussels.
A sixth person was arrested during raids on April 8 over the Brussels airport and metro bombings which netted top Paris attacks suspect Mohamed Abrini, the Belgian prosecutor's office said. The prosecutor had said on April 8 that five people had been been arrested but a spokesman confirmed Saturday that a sixth was being held. / AFP / THIERRY CHARLIER        (Photo credit should read THIERRY CHARLIER/AFP/Getty Images)
A transgender Tunisian migrant in Belgium was stabbed by a pair of men, also from Tunisia, who claimed to be members of Islamic State. On Saturday in the Brussels suburb of Etterbeek, a transgender migrant from Tunisia was reportedly stabbed in the street. The transgender person, known as Sharky, was brutally beaten by his attackers, stabbed several times in the abdomen and was later hospitalised for his injuries, reports The victim had faced similar persecution in Tunisia where he claims to have been attacked by radical Islamists and men who pledged allegiance to Islamic State in North Africa. The two men who carried out the attack told Sharky that they were fighters of Islamic State and the incident came after repeated threats from other members of the group online. Sharky told Belgian media of his experiences dealing with Islamist threats in Belgium saying: “They were the same people as in Tunisia. They told me that they are only awaiting an official command to behead me. I fear greatly for my life.” The victim added: “I want to officially change my name and seek asylum in another country, where I am not threatened. These people followed me all the time in Tunisia.” The victim