Transgender Tory Accuses Colleague of Hate Crime For ‘Misgendering’ Him

A Bolton councillor who transitioned from male to female ten years ago has complained to the police and Bolton Council after a fellow councillor used the pronoun “he” to refer to him. Zoe Kirk-Robinson accused the town’s former mayor Guy Harkin of “misgendering” him repeatedly as part of a “personal attack” during a recent council meeting. Despite Cllr Harkin’s protestations that he had used the pronoun only as an accidental “slip”, Greater Manchester Police are understood to be taking the allegation very seriously and treating it as a hate crime. Labour Cllr Guy Harkin repeatedly misgenered me in tonight’s Council meeting, while going off on a personal attack against me. — Zoë Kirk-Robinson (@ZoeKirkRobinson) August 24, 2016 I can’t say I’m surprised at his behaviour but I had hoped that Bolton’s leading political group wasn’t transphobic. — Zoë Kirk-Robinson (@ZoeKirkRobinson) August 24, 2016 I will be calling on Bolton Labour Group to denounce his behaviour. Bolton does not welcome transphobia. — Zoë Kirk-Robinson (@ZoeKirkRobinson) August 24, 2016 Speaking to Bolton News, Cllr Kirk-Robinson said: “This obviously was a shock, and not a pleasant one. I expected better of a member of the Council. “For someone in the highest