Trump–Modern Day Paul Revere Deserves Nobel Peace Prize

Give that man a Nobel Peace Prize! Donald Trump — the modern day Paul Revere — rocked the political world when he jumped into the race last year warning about the invasion across America’s southern border that politicians in both parties had been desperately trying to cover up for years. Actually, Revere did not have it nearly so hard as Mr. Trump, who was branded a bigot and a racist and anti-American for simply arguing that America should enforce our duly enacted immigration laws and secure our border. Mr. Trump stuck with the issue and rode it all the way to the Republican nomination. Granted, Mr. Trump always does things his own way. Such as when he celebrated Cinco de Mayo by posing for picture eating a taco bowl from Trump Tower, giving a thumbs-up and pronouncing: “I love Hispanics!” Not exactly a campaign strategy taught at the Georgetown University for Politicians. Call it Taco Bowl Diplomacy. But, apparently, it works! Mr. Trump swooped into Mexico City on short notice Wednesday to meet with Mexico’s president, Enrique Pena Nieto, who has compared Mr. Trump to Adolf Hitler. Mr. Pena Nieto left the private meeting saying he is “certain” thatMr. Trump’s