Trump: Voters Not Fooled by ‘Biased’ Media, ‘Rigged Situation’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “On the Record,” host Greta Van Susteren asked Republican presidential nominee that having never ran for office before, what has surprised him the most about the process. Trump responded with how “smart” the American people have been to not buy into false narratives generated by the “biased” media. He called it a rigged situation and also mentioned North Carolina’s voter ID law, which was recently struck down by Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. “[H]ow smart the people of this country are because they are reading false narratives. They’re reading false newspaper articles and seeing false things on television. I mean, really biased reporting. And you know, here I am. I’m sitting here in a very close race and what will be and what already is shaping up to be a very close race. So, the people are so smart. They get it. They really get it. And they are seeing it more and more. And I think they are going to get — I think they are going to get a great lesson. And it’s not a fair situation. It’s a rigged situation. In a certain way it’s rigged by the media, if you think