Trump: ‘We Want To Follow the Laws,’ But There Are ‘Great People’ In Country Illegally, and There ‘Can Be a Softening’ of Law

During an interview aired on Tuesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump stated that when it comes to deporting people in the country illegally, “We want to follow the laws.” But “we’ve got some great people in this country. They shouldn’t be here. they’re still great people, right?” And there “certainly can be a softening” of the law when it comes to some people in the country illegally. Trump responded to a question on his position on deporting people in the country illegally with, [relevant exchange begins around 6:15] “We want to follow the laws. You know, we have very strong laws. We have very strong laws in this country, and I don’t know if you know, but Bush and even Obama sends people back. Now, we with can be more aggressive in that, but we want to follow the laws. If you start going around trying to make new laws in this country, it’s a process that’s brutal. We want to follow the laws of the country, and if we follow the laws, we can do what we have to do, but, Sean, let me tell you, because it’s so important, we’ve got some