Turkish Paper Warns Against Travelling To Sweden Due To Rape Stats

Getty Images
A Turkish newspaper has warned citizens not to travel to Sweden due to the high rate of rape as the row between the two countries over an age of consent court case continues. Turkish newspaper Günes has furthered tensions between Turkey and Sweden by taking out a banner ad at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport reading, “Travel warning! Do you know that Sweden has the highest rape rate worldwide?” The message is in response to the Swedish reaction to the controversial decision of the Turkish supreme court to effectively lower the age of consent in Turkey from 15 down to only twelve years old. Türkiye’ye “Küçük kızlara tecavüze izin veriyor” karalaması yapan İsveç’e Güneş'ten tepki! https://t.co/pJpm2ucdbg pic.twitter.com/0zp6Hj5M2g — Güneş (@gunes_gazetesi) August 19, 2016 The image immediately caught the attention of Twitter users who posted under the hashtag #DontTravelToSweden. Sweden has the first highest number of rapes in the word! #DontTravelToSweden @rizasumer @hasanbzdmr @volkan_ylmz07 pic.twitter.com/ms7hvmKXlq — Ayşegül Oral (@aysglorll) August 19, 2016   The Swedish Embassy in the Turkish capital of Ankara was also quick to reply to the claim that Sweden has the highest number of rapes in the world linking to a National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) report on rape statistics in