UKIP’s Peter Whittle: The British People Will Kick The Establishment On Thursday

The British people have lost trust in the establishment and no matter what the outcome of Thursday’s referendum, they will never trust their rulers again, UKIP Assembly Member Peter Whittle has said. Speaking on Breitbart News Daily this morning, the London Assembly Member said that many people in Britain have stopped believing what they hear in the mainstream media, particularly the BBC, regarding immigration and on Thursday may vote to give the Establishment a bloody nose. “The majority of people in the country have realised that whilst we are in this thing called the EU we cannot control our borders,” Mr Whittle said. “So when the Prime Minister says thing such as ‘I’m going to get migration down to the tens of thousands’ people realise he can’t be telling the truth while we are in the EU.” This distrust has spread not just to British politicians but foreign leaders as well. For example, when US President Barack Obama told Britons that they were better off within the EU, people “took a healthy lack of interest” to a foreign leader trying to “intervene and say what is good for us”. A lot of this has to do with the “groupthink” of