Vicente Fox: Trump an ‘Ugly American’ Who Doesn’t Know China’s Great Wall Failed

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” former Mexican President Vicente Fox said Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was an “ugly American” who didn’t know the Great Wall of China failed. On Trump’s border wall proposal, Fox said, “Oh, please, give me a break. I mean, it’s a crazy, wild, stupid idea. We’ve been building a partnership between Mexico and the United States. We exchange so much in trade, close to a trillion U.S. dollars. We exchange—one million people go back and forth the border. Many Americans come to Mexico. many, many Mexicans come to invest, to trade with the United States.” He continued, “Yes, it is meaningless and it’s meaningless to build the wall, like he said, the greatness of the Chinese wall. This ignorant doesn’t even know that the Chinese wall failed, thoroughly failed. The Mongols, the Manchus, came in and conquered China. The same thing happened with the Berlin Wall. This is a stupid idea, so please wake up, America. Look at the proposals of a false prophet. I don’t know what he has against Mexico, but we Mexicans love and like the United States. We love keep this strong partnership that we have.” He added, “I’m surprised that