Walls Around The World That Work: Britain Is The Latest Country Bolstering Its Borders

President Obama, Secretary Clinton, and Jeb Bush (remember him?) have declared with one voice: America doesn’t need border walls. Meanwhile, around the rest of the Western world, walls are springing up in order to defend the sovereignty of nation states. Walls aren’t a new phenomenon, as even CNN admits. But the rate at which they’re springing up is certainly unprecedented. At least 65 countries now have border walls or barriers, making this one of the few times in recent history where America has been “behind” on an issue. I say America. I mean the U.S. political establishment, because we know according to new CNN polling (yeah, I know!) that at least 41 per cent of people are in favour of Mr. Trump’s long-touted wall being built. This ignores the “shy builders“: people who won’t tell pollsters they back the wall, but secretly do. Now Britain is building a wall. Okay, it’s only a 4-metre high wall, but it’s a concrete wall nonetheless and its aim is clear: stop migrants attempting to enter the country illegally. The reason is simple: walls work. It just depends on what your aim is. If you intend to have porous, or no borders, then don’t build