Washington Post’s Chief Correspondent Trolls Republicans to Turn On President Trump

washington post
The Washington Post‘s chief correspondent Dan Balz suggested it may become “necessary” for Republicans lawmakers to oppose President Donald Trump and act as a “check” on his executive power. In the article published Tuesday, Balz warned that Republicans have arrived “at a moment of reckoning” following successive controversies dogging the Trump administration. This after the Post on Monday published a news-making piece referencing “highly classified information” allegedly revealed by President Trump to Russian diplomats. It was followed up by a tweet from Washington Post Fact Checker columnist Glenn Kessler, who revealed there was “applause in the newsroom as the Russia-leak scoop breaks the Hollywood Access record for most readers per minute.” In Balz’s seeming advocacy journalism piece, the Post correspondant wrote: As President Trump has lurched from one crisis to another, Republicans have chosen a strategy of compartmentalization over confrontation, preferring to look away in hopes that the storm would pass. Now, after a pair of stunning revelations about the president, that approach may have run aground. For the GOP, this has become a moment of reckoning. Balz referenced Trump’s firing of James B. Comey as FBI director and a subsequent New York Times report – denied by the White House