WATCH: 100 School Kids Fight with Bats and Knives in Mass Brawl in London

Up to 100 schoolchildren as young as 12 attacked one another with bats, knives and blocks of concrete in a mass brawl in a park in east London. The fight, which happened in the neighbourhood of Erith in the London borough of Bexley, resulted in seven arrests and on two people being taken to hospital, with witnesses describing the scene as “absolute pandemonium”. Police were even forced to intervene with helicopters and dogs to break up to brawl. The children involved are believed to be aged from 12 to 19, with some wearing school uniform during the fight. Footage shows youths punching and kicking a teenager who had been knocked to the ground, some of them apparently armed with sticks. Sharon McHattie, landlady of the nearby Duchess of Kent pub, told reporters it was a “miracle” no one was killed, adding: “It was definitely premeditated. It was not just spur of the moment. “They all had their hoods up and balaclavas on. How they never got killed I don’t know. They were all standing in the middle of the street. “They were seen carrying big knives. One of our customers saw one with a bat.” Another witness, who asked not