WATCH: Cameron Hammered On Immigration At Final Public Q&A Before Brexit Vote

Prime Minister David Cameron was hammered by voters over his failure to reduce immigration in his last televised appearance before the European Union (EU) referendum. Mr Cameron was compared to Neville Chamberlain — the Prime Minister infamous for his appeasement of Hitler — for failing to stand up to EU leaders during his attempted renegotiation, with one woman saying public services were being “flooded” thanks to high levels of immigration. The Prime Minister tried to answer criticisms by saying there was no “silver bullet” to bring numbers down, and leaving the EU would damage the country’s economy. However, other members of the audience accused him of “scaremongering” over economics. One young woman told him: “I think that it’s an only logical thing to understand that if we have absolutely no limitations on immigration from the EU that people are obviously going to immigrate over here. “We’ve got our public sector, we’ve got an NHS that’s under tremendous strain at the moment — you’re not doing anything to invest any kind of thing into them to make them any stronger or better — knowing full well that if we don’t put a limit on this immigration — and the only way