WATCH: Furious Residents Oppose Migrant Centre Plans: ‘We Feel Overrun’

Migrant Accommodation
Sweden has witnessed another furious town hall meeting between concerned locals and government functionaries, as plans were announced to build migrant accommodation close to a primary school. Plans to establish a new “barracks” for 350 newcomers just yards from a primary school have inflamed tensions in increasingly migrant-dominated Stockholm, where some local authorities are already predominantly non-Swede. A routine town council meeting, which could usually expect no more than a handful of elderly observers was turned into a shouting match when locals discovered of the plans to permanently settle hundreds of newcomers to the neighbourhood. In a video record of the meeting, parts of which have been translated into English by Canadian website Vlad Tepes, attendees can be heard jostling for a chance to speak out against the government. In return the officials told locals they had no decision making powers over the matter, and instead were merely delivering the news that the migrant accommodation was to be imposed from on-high. The frustration with the system which saw migrants placed arbitrarily in residential areas despite public concern about the sex attacks was palpable in the meeting. One local who took the floor told the council: “for many of us living here who