Watch: ‘Hannity’ Segment Investigates Khizr Khan’s Past Statements

AP Photo/Kevin Cederstrom
A segment on Monday’s edition of Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” investigated past statements made by Khizr Khan. Transcript as follows: HANNITY: And welcome back to HANNITY. So the media has been very quick to praise Khizr Khan. He’s the man who attacked Donald Trump in a speech at the DNC last month, but who exactly is Mr. Khan? Now, Khanis a Pakistani- American lawyer and the father of Army Captain Humayun Khan. He was a hero. He was killed in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004. Now all Americans, we all honor his service, his sacrifice, and his courage. And on that, everybody agrees. But Khizr Khan since his DNC speech, he has made controversial comments. During one recent interview, he said there’s no such thing as Sharia law, really? Take a look. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) KHIZR KHAN: Sharia law, as we have titled it, there is no such thing as Sharia law. These are laws of various Muslim countries which are hodgepodge of British laws, French laws, Portuguese laws. In there, there is tremendous discrimination of genders which disqualifies them under the Constitution of United States, cannot be implemented, cannot be brought. I do not stand for any