WATCH LIVE – Farage Rallies For Brexit In Gateshead

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage is speaking at a rally in Gateshead in the United Kingdom this evening. The event will be streamed live (above) from 19:30. Mr. Farage will be joined by Labour MP Kate Hoey, Labour donor John Mills, and Tory MP David Davis. The stream above is provided by the UK Independence Party. This is the first major event since Mr. Farage was accused of stirring up tensions with a hard-line anti-mass migration poster. The death of Jo Cox MP, who was killed by a mental patient with reported and alleged decades-long interest in Neo-Nazism has been blamed squarely on Mr. Farage and the Brexit camp. Meanwhile Breitbart London has uncovered hundreds of social media posts from left-wing and Remain activists urging Mr. Farage is “shot” or “stabbed” or “killed”. The European Union referendum is currently in the balance, with most analysts and pollsters claiming it is still “50-50” between the two camps.