WATCH: Open Borders Activists Call For Britain To Let In All Calais Migrants

Calais protest
Members of Stand up to Racism and Trade Unionists for Calais gathered outside the French Embassy in London last night, to protest “in solidarity” with the migrants at Calais, following announcements that The Jungle migrant camp is to be dismantled. Fewer than 50 people gathered outside the embassy to chant slogans such as: “Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here,” “Let them in and let them stay, Theresa May, hear what we say,” and “Let it every refugee, throw the Tories in the sea.” The town of Calais has been besieged by thousand of migrants trying to reach the UK. Although the port town has been a gateway to Britain for illegal immigrants for over a decade, tensions in the town have risen to new heights over the last eighteen months as the migrant crisis sweeping Europe hit the region hard. Migrants have increasingly turned to brazen and violent means to clamber on board UK bound lorries, blockading roads with felled trees in order to halt traffic. Makeshift spears fashioned from branches have been thrown through cab windows, and one driver was even threatened by migrants wielding a chainsaw. On Monday Calaisien locals, dock-workers, farmers and truck